Drop-type stainless steel weight detector
Drop-type stainless steel weight detector
Drop-type stainless steel weight detector
Drop-type stainless steel weight detector
Drop-type stainless steel weight detector
  • Drop-type stainless steel weight detector
  • Drop-type stainless steel weight detector
  • Drop-type stainless steel weight detector
  • Drop-type stainless steel weight detector
  • Drop-type stainless steel weight detector
  • Drop-type stainless steel weight detector

Drop-type stainless steel weight detector

The product of the previous production line enters the speed-up unit of the equipment, and the product enters the weighing unit neatly and equidistantly after being guided and accelerated, and when it passes through the photoelectric switch at the front end of the weighing unit, the device starts to automatically weigh the product. At the same time, the equipment compares with the original standard weight value and upper and lower limit values, and automatically sorts out qualified products and overweight and underweight products.


Product Description

Drop-type stainless steel weight detector is an online weighing equipment tailored for the industry. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the unqualified products are automatically alarmed and automatically rejected to solve the work efficiency of the automatic production line. Provides accurate weighing results and is designed for durability and maximum reliability in wet and dry environments. Designed with hygienic principles in mind to ensure minimal downtime. The automatic checkweigher replaces manual checkweighing and achieves high-precision and high-speed checkweighing effect. It is the core equipment of automated production lines. It ensures product quality and improves production efficiency.If you are interested in our products,please contact us!

stainless steel weight detector

automatic steel weight detector

Specification Parameter

Type SG-450

Weighing Range 0.05-20/30kg

Limited of product L: 500 W:450 H: 3-400mm

Accuracy ±1g

Division Scale 0.1g

Belt Speed 0- 40 m/min

Max Speed 40 pcs/min

Belt Width 450mm

Machine Weight 100kg

Power Supply AC 110/220V ±10% 50HZ

Power 100W

Main Material SU304 stainless steel

high-precision weight detector

Main Advantages

1) Special design and matching can ensure long-term operation stability;

2) A single sensor and a single sensor are not limited by the area of the weighing platform, and can achieve high-speed and high-precision detection requirements;

3) The installed communication module can upload data in real time and monitor it effectively;

4) The huge range is convenient for the detection of large and small objects in the logistics industry;

5) 7-inch or 10-inch color high-definition touch screen, the information is clear at a glance;

6) Professional operating system with rich functions and simple operation.

drop-type weight detector


Widely used in pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, daily chemicals, light industry, electronics, hardware, industrial products, Chinese herbal medicines, aquatic products, poultry, fruits and vegetables, logistics and many other industries.


Our Company

Founded in 2010, Shanghai Shigan Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of intelligent equipment. The company mainly focuses on the R&D and production of instruments and meters. The company has introduced technology and production experience and has professional packaging equipment researchers. It has complete mechanical processing equipment and strong technical force, which effectively solves many common problems. In the development of many years, we have effectively promoted joint ventures and cooperation with major enterprises and manufacturers, and served the society and customers with the idea of industrial development.




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Our products can be shipped by sea, air and land.


After Sale Service

A. Pre-sale:

1. Provide real quotations for customers according to customer requirements, and record feedback in a timely manner as required by customers;

2. Sign a standardized product order contract to clarify responsibilities and other related matters;

3. Provide one-year warranty, life-long maintenance service, and be responsible for debugging the product before delivery;

B. After sales:

1. If the customer's product fails, the Shanghai area will solve the problem for you as soon as possible, and the customer service will provide you with solutions in other places;

2. During the warranty period, product maintenance, warranty period, can also provide maintenance, if the accessories are replaced, the product accessories will be provided according to the cost.

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